All our honey is all-natural, untreated, cold filtered, 100% raw, Buckinghamshire honey.

Straight From The Hive

As beekeepers we take a great deal of care to make sure our bees are kept in the best conditions.

Our bees are kept in various apiaries around Buckinghamshire including Milton Keynes, Stoke Hammond, Great Brickhill, Stewkley and Castlethorpe and as bees only forage within a 3 mile radius this means all the honey is local.
The forage around the apiaries varies as the seasons change and this means our honey flavours and textures change as well.

We have three basic types of honey, runny, natural set and creamed.

Runny is just that but, like all honey, it will crystallise and set over time.

Natural set is a rough texture set honey. Good for spreading on toast as it sticks to the spoon.

Soft set honey is pasteurised and worked to produce a very smooth set texture in comparison to natural set which has a more grainy texture. Beautiful to eat off the spoon but also to spread.

We also sell a select range of infused honeys based on our natural set.

To purchase please visit our shop page or to arrange a collection or ask a question please contact us via the contact form link at the top of this page.

This is what I call a proper honey.

Rated 5 out of 5
14th October 2021

Finally, after 25 years of searching for a proper honey is over.
Forget about supermarket honey, Buckinghamshire Honey Company is the one for me.
Taste unique and pure, how I expected it—love supporting local businesses. For me, Christmas presents sort it. Thank you 😉

Nadia S

Response from Buckinghamshire Honey Company

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic feedback Nadia! It is so nice to hear! By all means, get ready for Christmas … no issues with stocks or delivery ;)…and of course a great treat for the lucky recipients! :))


Rated 5 out of 5
25th June 2021

I’m not a lover of honey but I brought two jars yesterday from a lovely lady I have to say it was delicious definitely recommend it

Danny pryor

Response from Buckinghamshire Honey Company

Very glad it was a happy “surprise” Danny! I hope the honey helps with your hay fever!

Nice Local Honey

Rated 5 out of 5
24th June 2021

My son suffers heavily with Hay fever and I thought of trying local honey. We started using this honey and it was really good and you can feel it. If you live nearby, I would suggest to travel and pick up as it’s a beautiful place.

Sairam G

Response from Buckinghamshire Honey Company

Thank you for your kind comments. We hope the honey helps your son.

Yummy runny honey

Rated 5 out of 5
7th June 2021

I bought the runny honey to help my toddler tackle seasonal hayfever, but it was so delicious that we all ended up using it up within a few days. I’ve never had honey that had a fragrant taste before. It’s absolutely delicious!

Sherane Walker

Response from Buckinghamshire Honey Company

Thanks for your kind comments Sherane. Delighted the whole family have adopted our honey! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Lovely honey!

Rated 5 out of 5
25th May 2021

This honey is so delicate and lovely and the makers communicate so well with regard to collection of orders. Looking forward to weeks of enjoying it!

Peter Coulter

Response from Buckinghamshire Honey Company

Thank you very much for your kind comments Peter. Delighted you are enjoying our honey…hopefully it won’t be weeks before you come back for more! 🙂


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